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News & Updates

Featured Author

Emma Janson


In her own words:

I'm a "say what's on your mind" girl from a small town in Ohio 

with three coming out stories.  Unashamed; Memoirs of how the closet can kiss my ass was an account of the craziest part of my life.  Years later, I've become ironically responsible.  It came with growth and age and although my wild child days are over, sexual exploration is just budding for others.  My hope is that readers find their own place in the world even if they have to hit rock bottom to find it.  Read the book just to get a few laughs at the antics or shake your head at the misadventures I have gotten myself into.   

Moving forward, I am finished with the final editing stages for my second book Narcoleptic Hooker which dives deep in the life of anarcoleptic prostitute with mob affiliations.  It sucks you into turning the next page.  Pun intended.  It's intertwining gangster plots have been a blast to create!  I'm excited to say that it's publication date is expected in May of 2014!

Currently, I am working on my insane third book in upstate New York.

Keep checking back for links and updates and thank you so very much for supporting my work.



Emma Janson


Learn more about Emma and her books by visiting her website: http://emmajanson.com/home.html



Writer's Workshop

People of Color in Sci-Fi


A book isn’t an issue book because it contains a minority character. – s.e. smith

Most, if not all, mainstream genres have a dearth of minority characters, whether they be supporting cast or the protagonist. One of the explanations given is that books with minority lead characters are seen as issue books, i.e. the character has to be struggling with some issue of their identity and the whole story has to be about that issue. While issue books are important for the value they bring to a topic, having a minority character does not equal an identity struggle to be overcome. Minority characters can be included in any type of book, from science fiction, to horror, to mystery, and all the genres in between, without their race being the focal point of the story, or a hindrance to their character’s capabilities.